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Precast Products

Box Culverts & Bridges
CRI produces the highest quality box culvert & bridge wire in the industry. Our state of the art equipment can supply many variations of steel in a given sheet. The flatness and rigidity of our sheets not only save production time but result in a higher quality finished product.

Traffic Barriers
Our welded wire cage designs for traffic barriers are accepted and utilized in many states throughout the nation

Walls & Vaults
CRI reinforces thousands of square feet of MSE wall, retaining wall, residential wall and noise wall. We also supply many variations of vault material whether it's just reinforcing the lid or the entire unit.

As a custom manufacturer of Structural Welded Wire Reinforcing, CRI can supply superior quality products to fit many needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help improve your product.

Cast in Place Products

Slab on Grade
Our slab on grade welded mats produce higher quality slabs in far less time than conventional rebar. CRI can provide custom mats to fit within engineered bay sizes. We also can provide welded smooth dowel mats and welded grade beam cages to incorporate into the welded mat systems.

Channels and Culverts
CRI produces precise welded mat systems for many culverts and channels. These range from trapezoidal channels, rectangular channels, arch culverts and box culverts. We supply custom mats that are bent to fit.

Post tension Beams and Slabs
Possibly our most popular time saving welded wire products are used in post tension slabs and beams. We accurately produce welded beam stirrup cages with various stirrup spacing in the same given cage. We also have the ability to eliminate hooks with our designs which makes for easy storage, handling and assembly. We also manufacture welded mats for moment and temperature steel in post tension slabs with the ability to stagger as required.

We have a wide range of products to make wall reinforcing easier and faster. CRI supplies custom welded reinforcing for tilt-up walls, shotcrete walls, shear walls, retaining walls, sound walls & flood walls.

Being a custom manufacturer of Structural Welded Wire Reinforcing, there are endless possibilities for prefabricated reinforcing system. Contact us today to learn how we can help improve your project.

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